Dragen – Strat-o-partsters


This is my favourite Strat and I built it for less than £100.

If you have read the story of my Carved Dragen Guitar you will know that before I put a neck on it, wired it, set it up. I built four Strats learning all the way.

Without going into the enormous story that is the Fender Stratocaster, as an engineer I see only good or bad quality components and good or bad build quality and set up.

I call this the Gary Boner guitar. As it is very similar to my friend Gary’s. He’s is one of many that he has bought in the USA. His is a USA made custom. His has a brown tortoiseshell scratch plate, mine has a pearl scratch plate. That is the only difference I can find. I must get Gary to play this guitar in anger. Gary is lead guitarist and the head dude behind Blues Rock band Roadhouse

I searched hard for the parts and was VERY lucky with both the quality of the pickups and the neck which IS a genuine Fender.


07102010212071020102110710201021004102010189My research and comparison, making and remaking these guitars working with a variety of quality and shoddy components, has taught me SO much about Strat style guitars. I consider it an engineering masterpiece and find it very strange that Fender allowed the brand to be SO muddied by so many build sites and SO many build standards.