Dragen – Carved strat

This my Dragen Guitar. The guitar that got me building guitars again.

Cee Dub Dragon Guitar-0018











The electrics are from Axesrus axesrus.com. Pickups neck and middle ‘Alinco Tube’ and bridge is a bright Wilkinson single coil. Fender 5 way switch and 250k pots. Wilkins tuners and floating bridge. Aged scratch plate and knobs (cos they were old and I liked them).

dragon originalThe chance find on Ebay was a CNC cut, mahogany, strat type, body from China.

This I radically modified and hand carved adding detail and definition. The design was a Dragon and I was very pleased with it.

dgCee Dub Dragon Guitar-0010

However I soon realised that before I could take this project further to be a playable “work of art” I needed to learn an awful lot more.

Collecting components from Ebay and studying build, assembly, set up, on many web sites and You Tube videos, I built 4 strat type guitars.

I was in no hurry and the learning process was fascinating, bringing deeper enjoyment to watching guitarists around me play.

When I was sure of what I was doing I collected components and finished the carved strat.

Cee Dub Dragon Guitar-0011

I learnt a lot about grounding and use a method calling “star earthing” to avoid earth loop hum. I also line all the interior with special sticky backed foil that also earths to the same on the back of the scratch plate. My electric guitars are nice and quite.

Cee Dub Dragon Guitar-0012Cee Dub Dragon Guitar-0013

The Neck pickup has a silky bluesy sound two tubes together have what I call the “chicken picking” sound great for Texan country sound. The Wilkinson on it’s own is a bright classic Fender Strat sound.

The fretboard and neck was a lucky Ebay purchase

I did have one very duff neck purchase from the USA. Useless neck and I was charged customs duty. Since that I never buy from Ebay in the states.

I did not (at this time) plan to make and fret a neck. However I customised the headstock with my little scoop which I put on all my Strat type headstocks.

Cee Dub Dragon Guitar-0027

Cee Dub Dragon Guitar-0014

There is video of Paul Whitton playing the Dragen Guitar on my video page

At the bottom of the page is a picture of my friend Tam giving the ‘Dragen Guitar’ a work out at a ‘Blues Jam’.

Finally Click Here for a page full of carved guitars that I found for inspiration.

Cee Dub Dragon Guitar-0015

I love this guitar and would never let it go. However I do not find this to be the guitar I pick up to play – proving that art is art and an instrument is an instrument.

That does not stop me planning another which I will carve from scratch with help from my new Dremmel. Thanks Lelly xx


Cee Dub Dragon Guitar-0016 Cee Dub Dragon Guitar-0017 Cee Dub Dragon Guitar-0018

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