Sound Services

I have a good reputation for providing “good sound” at The Royston Folk Club

I supply and operate the sound system on the first Friday and last Friday of every month unless the headlining band supplies their own (and that has happened just twice in the fisrt year of the club)

I have worked with many solo acts and bands who will give you a testimonial.

I can offer a PA with 12 or 16 balanced channels (32 channel desk also available)
Effects on 4 vocal channels
3 x DI boxes
6 x Mic stands
6 x Shure SM58 Mics
1 x Shure Beta SM58 Mic
1 x Bass drum Mic and mini stand
2 x powered speakers 800 watts with stads
2 x powered speakers 200 watts as floor monitors or on stands
3 mtr wide x 2.5mtr high back drop / lighting gantry

I deliver set up and operate
Just ring with dates and details for availability and price estimate

Sorry but not on Saturdays (I know that’s when you are gigging – but so am I)

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