Dragen – Tribal Guitar

This project is so called because of the front plate that I have designed for it.
I was working on a Les Paul style guitar (because I had not done one before).
The body was still flat (I was planning to carve it like a violin shape).
Paul Whitton saw it and introduced me to Tony Zemaitis designs….


Many famous guitarists treasure Zematis guitars including Kieth Richards, Ronny Woods, Eric Clapton. Apparently the metal front first came about through efforts to tame the hum and I had been learning about that (hence my star earthing). So there is reason for the madness that is at the end of the day “art”. I liked these two designs and set to with my own design working with my favourite design tool the computer…

tribal-desgWhat do you think I have decided I can see a Sumo wrestler with a feather in his hat.

The tone, volume and pickup switch will all earth to the metal front plate. Access to them will be from the rear same as a Les Paul.

How was I to get a peice of metal this shape? After talking to many people I found a company in Dartford that cut this for me with a ‘Water Jet’.
Now I wonder if that idea popped up after pissing in the snow ?????


 So thats all for now watch this space ….


















I intend to sink the metal into the front and the volume tone and pickup switches will all earth onto the metal front plate being rear mounted with rear access like the les paul.

So for now watch this space…..


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