Hi my name is Chris. I live 12 miles South of Cambridge, in a rural area, with my partner Lesley and my Spaniels, in a house that I designed and built myself. I live close to good family and friends, where it is fulfilling fun to support each other and share life’s ups and downs. I was born in 1954 so that makes me  …
 an old fella  … but …

At age 15 (in 1969) While at school I was DJing, promoting events, playing guitar, singing and making electric guitars and my first acoustic guitar. Click Here for the school years experience, musical influences and the school guitar  …

MAKING THINGS It was the “making things” that guided my early career and after a very comprehensive and very practical 4 year apprenticeship and one year in a tool room I became a “Manufacturing Engineer”. For the next 20 years I set up factories to make; aircraft instruments, televisions, video players, computers, security products, and sound mixing desks. Following redundancy and personal let downs by individuals in the industry, I became self employed. To the question “What do you do?” my answer became “What do you want done?”. Amazingly it was my other teenage passions; DJing, promoting events, playing guitar and singing that became the core of my works. Computers and the internet, publishing both online and on paper became my main tool.

At age 51 (in 2005) I found myself with enough time (while still maintaining my income) to design and build a house. Click Here for the story of our house.

PLAYING GUITAR AGAIN At age 56 (1n 2010) I took up guitar again myself after 40 years of not playing. I was inspired, by a BBC documentary, and ‘Rock God’ friend Paul Whitton However I found I had a major problem, my musical taste is SO eclectic that I had trouble “focusing” on a style of material and style of guitar. I soon had quite a collection of guitars but wasn’t getting anywhere fast. I now have the help of my teacher Tony Buch Together we help run Royston Folk Club giving me exposure to outstanding inspiration. I find myself once again returning to my teenage folk roots at a time when there is fortunately a zeitgeist for acoustic based singer songwriters. Despite this Peter Green is still my inspiration and the style of Mark Knopfler is my target.

MAKING GUITARS AGAIN Then in the same year, a chance Ebay offer of a rather special guitar body led me on a journey to learn all I can about building and making electric guitars. Click Here to see the Dragen Guitar that re-ignighted my passion.
Another chance find on Ebay was an acoustic (Guild F20 shaped) body by David Potter David was selling the body as a “reject” after trying a new binding technique. David provided advice and the wood for me to build a neck to finish the guitar. Again after studying techniques on many web sites and You Tube videos, and in no hurry, I collected tools and made jigs. Click Here to see the result The ‘Dragen F20’. After showing David  Potter pictures of my work, he offered me a number of other “part builds” to help me learn more, before I find my own material and start making acoustics from scratch.

 AND ME – NOW  Tony Buch holds student concerts at my house. My friend Helen Webb teaches singing and holds student concerts at my house. I have frequent ‘live music’ parties at my house. I help facilitate my singer song writer, and Rock God, friend Paul Whitton to get his music on to CDs and I help design and produce the sleeves. I help to run “Royston Folk Club’ in my local town by looking after the web site and I supply and operate the sound system. On our monthly ‘open mic’ nights I do the sound for 6 – 7 acts. I video performers and supply files for them to study or put on You Tube. On our monthly ‘concert nights’ I do the sound for the headliner and support acts, from solo singer songwriters and instrumentalists to much larger groups. Our headliners are all well established or good up and coming artistes, including Dave Swarbrick, Ewan Mclennan. Richard Digence. On Saturdays my nightclub DJs play high energy remixes of chart dance and euphoric dance anthems as well as presenting young pop singers in a showcase for their voices and backing tracks as well as live bands, mime artists, dancers for a very NICHE audience. But that is another me and another web site.

BORN IN 1954 ? It was a hell of a year …
World Godess Oprah Winfrey, Music Godess Annie Lennox, Guitar God Stevie Rae Vaughn, Film Director Ron Howard, Film Director Ang Lee,  Prime Minister Angela Merkel, Contoversalist Michael Moore, Pet Shop Boy Niel Tennant, Epic man James Cameron

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