My table at the East Anglia Guitar Festival 2013


Hi my name is Chris Walls – welcome to my web site.┬áHere I am showing you about my interest in making guitars. There is no way I would call myself a “Luthier” because I feel that at the moment I am a dabbler. I am not making guitars to sell I am “Just Learning”.

Having said that my good friend Tam is enjoying one of my Stat-o-partsters at his local Blues Jam and I am enjoying Tam’s fine artwork. Paul and Phill Whitton are enjoying the Tele-partster I built them and I am enjoying the barn that they helped to build.

Neighbour Jamie is inspired by my ‘Dragen Hot Rod’ and my house wont need painting for another few years.

But on the whole I don’t like my “babies” to go too far away … LOL

This is just one of the Dragen guitars
‘Dragen Hot Rod’ demonstrated by my friend Paul Whitton

14th May 2013 apprenticed to Dr Roberts Guitar Surgery
“priveledged to learn from the good doctor”

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